Oversized & Loose

Dress like you don’t care. This is a perfect vision of a urban girl. We always keep in mind and also suggest our clients to have a look that doesn’t look forced or prepared. M-Couture is known for its perfect mix of feminine and masculine, so this time we offer you a light tunic with penguin print paired with classical men’s wardrobe piece – oversized “denim” jacket.


Here is a history flashback why the denim jacket became so popular…once considered only a workwear. So, when singer Bing Crosby was refused entry into an upmarket hotel during the 1950s because he was wearing a denim jacket, Levi Strauss & Co. made him a tuxedo – in the same fabric. The jacket had been a staple of the working world for some 70 years, which is why its appearance at a swanky venue might have been unexpected, but this is why its many variations, most of them take on a simple, waisted, breast pocket style, have appealed to the outdoorsmen and pioneer workers for whom they were originally created, and to ranch hands and beat intellectuals, heavy metal rockers and artists.