MCouture was established in late 2012, when the first collection of ready-to-wear dresses was introduced to a wider society. Initiated by talented designer Julia Malahova, the first show was a big success and the brand has gathered a lot of attention from public, especially elegant women sharing similar values ever since.

The compact and timeless design of MCouture is perfection of cut and construction, where simple luxury is felt along with slight bohemian attitude.

In 2014, MCouture has also introduced made-to-measure service, where every woman is treated according to their wishes. The brand is offering to fit and personalize dresses, pants, skirts, tops as well as outerwear, at the same time paying attention to every detail.

It takes time to find the perfect style that fits the wearers personality, but this is were MCouture steps in with its genetic heritage, experience of master tailors and guide for intelligent lifestyle.