LIFESTYLE: Eating a Banana with the Queen

When it comes to etiquette, M-Couture ladies always have a say. We all know that you will never drink champagne from a bottle, but the same is with a banana. We think that we are not monkeys, so a banana has to be put on a desert plate and eaten with a fork and knife…at least when visiting the Queen.


Here is a step by step guide how to not look like a monkey…

STEP 1. Pick the banana and put it on a small plate. You will be provided with fruit fork and knife. Place the banana curving towards you so it looks like a frown. Using your fork to steady the banana, cut off the ends and put them at the top of your plate.

STEP 2. Cut the banana from end to end on both sides, try to cut just the peel and not too much of the banana itself. Lift off the ‘roof’ of the banana peel with your fork and knife and place it covering the banana ends at the top of your plate.

STEP 3. Using the side of your fork, slice off pieces of the banana, one at a time, tines facing downwards, starting at one end of the banana, working towards the other end. When you have finished eating, put the peel ends back in the shell and place the roof on top.  Place your cutlery parallel, between 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

Text in cooperation with Hong Kong institute of etiquette.

Illustration by Santa Bindemane