Time for some bubbly!

Once again it is that time of the year when we celebrate the end of this year and welcome the New year full of hope and good thoughts for the future!

Time for some bubbly!

Most Champagnes, including Rosé wines, are made from a blend of all three grapes, although Blanc de blanc (“white from white”) Champagnes are made from 100% Chardonnay and Blanc de noir (“white from black”) Champagnes are made solely from Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier or a mix of the two.

The characteristic bubbles that grace all Champagnes are always a source of mystery.
According to some scientists there are 49 million bubbles in a champagne bottle, and according to others there are 250 million bubbles per bottle. Sit back and start counting!


This leads us on to what type of glass should you drink your Champagne from? Is it best to opt for a flute or a coupe? Depending on your preferences, when you hear what the coupe is modeled on, you may feel this is the obvious choice. Legend tells us that the form of the Champagne coupe glass was modeled on the shape of Marie Antoinette’s breast, which was adapted from a wax mould. However even though that’s an interesting idea, it may not actually be true. Although the coupe is so elegant and interesting, the reality is that your bubbly will stay more bubbly in a flute.


Dazzle your New Years Eve guests with your knowledge about the golden wine from France:

1. A Champagne cork reaches a velocity of about 64 kilometers per hour if popped out of the bottle.

2. As much as some would like to deny it, champagne is actually a type of wine and is typically derived from a blend of grapes. The only difference between sparkling wine and champagne is the region it comes from. Authentic Champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. Any bubbly from other parts of the world simply have to settle for the title of ‘sparkling wine.’


3. Marilyn Monroe once took a champagne bath. It took a whopping 350 bottles to fill the tub. We sincerely hope she got a few sips in while she was in there!


Hope you will enjoy your flutes of champagne and welcome the New Year of 2016 in a happy and bubbly atmosphere!


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