M-COUTURE Blue: Color to inspire by Anita Sedlina

Recently, while traveling to Helsinki we met fashion editor of magazine PASTAIGA – Anita Sedlina. She is not only a very talented journalist, but a style icon almost always dressed in black and very keen for wearing statement pieces by different local and international designers. We thought she is the right person, the first one to talk to in our series about color that inspires – M-Couture Blue.


The game is easy, we ask different people about what MUSIC, MOVIE, BOOK, ART, PLACE, FOOD comes in their mind when they are hypnotized by M-Couture Blue.

Here is what Anita said:

MUSIC/SONG : Francoise Gardy: Tous les garcons et les filles. I’m blown away by the carelessness and elation of the song, and of course the singer herself – femme fatale beauty and very “frenchie” attitude. Also…the classicaly feminine silhouette of a 60s woman is still a hot topic nowadays, and this all together makes the perfect mix seen in the collections of M-Couture.

MOVIE: The aesthetics and simple translation of complex situations in a very easy going manner with a drop of lovely irony seen in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

BOOK: Nothing really comes to mind.

ART: landscapes of Claude Monet, especially “A Spot on the Banks of the Seine”.

PLACE: Summer, terrace, can’t really identify a specific location, but the feeling is the most imprtant – freedom and peace.

FOOD: Slow breakfast, no hurry: croissant, strawberries and a big cup of coffee.

Photo: Anita’s personal archives

M-COUTURE BLUE code: Pantone 644C




Vanessa Paradis on short hair

“You do feel different. It changes. It does give you an energy…more younger than older,” says the French singer, actress, gap-toothed model, mother of two kids and muse of M-Couture.


Source: -Porter magazine, 2014-