After Rain. M-Couture SS15


After Rain is a collection full of joie de vivre, and maybe a french Après la pluie would suit even better to describe the vibe. The mood built around brand’s second SS15 could be announced as a dynamic relationship between minimalism and maximalism where fluid lines become expressive, where perfectly fitted leather jackets are paired with fly away skirt, at the end proposing a striking silhouette. It resembles so much what can be experienced, when drops of rain are burned by the boiling rays of sun – hard becomes soft, girlish becomes boyish, timeless becomes urban and vice versa. M-Couture is known as a brand expressing femininity and pastels, but head of the brand Julia Sardykova is taking the next big step by adding a vivid color palette, experimenting with broken lines, opposing curves, overlaping and draped on body fabrics.


Following the brand’s philosophy that “fashion is art”, the brand is building a strong relationship around this important aspect, by adding original prints designed by Julia herself – impressionism style oil painting has been reproduced on different fabrics and seen on fitted jackets, skirts and dresses.

So for the next summer be prepared for a quiet luxury, that might become a real sense of cool.








Photo: Vika Anisko

Style: Julia Sardykova, Santa Bindemane

Make-Up: Katerina Hlopova

Model: Nikola Osipova